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Our Story

ILS is the combination of Alex and Joel's life experiences and passion for learning.

Alex is passionate about developing young people. In her role as a certified adolescent coach, Alex has decades of experience in schools working with young people to find their passion and achieve their potential. Alex specialises in handling nerves, time management, heightened performance and mindset (or as Martin Forman - our respective Dad and Grandpa - would say, PMA - having a positive mental attitude). 

Joel was diagnosed with dyslexia in reception and struggled with academic confidence for much of his early years at school. At secondary school, the new environment facilitated a change. It would be remiss to attribute this change to one factor but the combination of PMA, a great support system, and effective learning techniques allowed Joel to get to the place where he has completed his masters at LSE. Joel is passionate about helping young people overcome their academic challenges and ultimately take control of their learning through equipping them with the tools and techniques to succeed


Every member of the ILS team is committed to our value of providing every student with the chance to succeed by creating a sense of control and optimism when it comes to their independent learning. 

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