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Please can you give me some more information on how the coaching sessions as part of The Complete Revision Package work

Our core programme is split into four distinct sessions. Sessions one and two are always conducted by the same individual as they follow directly on from each other in a seamless manner. Session 1 introduces the student to confidence and competence analyses, revision timetabling frameworks and how to improve the quality of each session. By the end of session 2 our students have a completed, personalised revision timetable and have tackled the major question of what do I actually do in a revision session? This does not involve creating a rigid formula of mind maps and flash cards (which of course can be useful) but rather outlines broad strategies to 'beat' the unique elements of each exam. Consequently, we aim to conduct sessions 1 and 2 in relatively close proximity to each other. Session 3 is all about mindset - ranging from nerves to time management - and is conducted by a certified adolescent coach with decades of experience in the personal and professional spheres. Finally, Session 4 takes place at the end of your teenager's first revision timetable and is conducted by the same revision coach from the first two sessions that your teenager has developed a relationship with. In the 4th session your teenager will create a new revision plan for the future based off of their experiences from the last month.

Please can you give me more information on how the Subject Specific Tutoring works

We aim to provide the highest quality tutoring for an affordable price. We believe that the single most important component of tutoring is connection. Thus, our service focuses on finding the best tutor for your child specifically rather than the tutor with the most impressive qualifications. Therefore, we have constructed a large database of young adult tutors who relate to our clients and are coached in the ILS learning and mindset techniques.

How do you accommodate students with diverse learning needs and/or diagnoses?

It is important to acknowledge how differing learning needs and/or diagnoses manifest in diverse ways. Thus, we make a conscious point of not profiling our students based on their diagnoses. However, this is not to suggest that we do not significantly alter how we work to suit the best interests of our clients. Thus, during every compatibility call we attempt to learn as much as we can about the student and then alter our process accordingly. Furthermore, if in the unlikely event we do not feel like we will be able to benefit your child we will let you know.

What if we do not get on with the tutor?

We have many different tutors to choose from at ILS. Therefore, we encourage our clients to find the tutor that is right for them. Consequently, if this means trialing several different tutors (at the discounted trial rate) we are very happy for you to do so.

What if we want more sessions after the end of The Complete Revision Package?

We love having a continuing relationship with our clients and we believe many students benefit from the extended accountability of having a continuing relationship with us beyond the initial month. This can take various forms including regular FaceTime check ins, one off extra sessions or regular sessions beyond the package.

What if we cannot afford your prices?

We created this business to redress the disparity of opportunity in the education system. Whilst we are a small business, rather than a charity, we are still committed to helping as many people as possible. Thus, if our prices are too high for your circumstances we will be more than happy to arrange a discount on a case by case basis.

Can my child meet you first without committing?

Absolutely. Often, students are hesitant to commit to the programme before meeting us as we can easily be confused for just another boring tutor or as replicating the same old unhelpful, rigid revision techniques which have not helped them in the past. Thus, if your child is feeling unsure, we are more than happy to arrange for a quick, free of charge, FaceTime call to introduce ourselves and explain how the programme works.

How are you different to the revision practice my child's school already provides?

We commend any schools that provide students with frameworks and guides for revision. Furthermore, some schools emphasise the importance of mindset which we deem essential to effective learning. However, due to the constraints on the school system, schools are not able to provide the personalised, one-to-one service that is integral to learning how each individual can become a truly effective independent learner. We can honestly say that every single one of our sessions to date has been different and schools are simply unable to provide this bespoke service. Unfortunately, the rigid manner in which revision is often taught has adverse effects, dis-empowering students.  We see our service as essential for unlocking the true potential of any student, that when combined with a good support system and a healthy school environment allows every student to achieve their potential.

What if we do not want to continue mid way through the package?

Our policy is that we ask for full payment after session 1 of the core revision programme. If you decide you do not want to continue after session 1 we will not ask your for any payment. If you decide after session 2 you do not want to continue or would like to make a change we will do our upmost to accommodate you with a small fee.

What if my child can only do the sessions with you on the weekend?

We work seven days a week and will be happy to accommodate your schedule to the best of our abilities.

How can we as parents be involved in the process?

The final 15 minutes of the core programme involves at least one parent joining the final call. In the 15 minutes the coach will outline the key points that have been discussed and how you as the parent can best support the process. We believe it is crucial that the parents buy into the process and thus we are also more than happy to have a separate phone call with one or both of the parents to answer any questions after the programme has finsished.

What if we want the sessions to be face to face?

As we started ILS during the pandemic we had to conduct all of our sessions online over zoom. To our surprise we felt that zoom actually allowed for a more honest and comfortable experience which facilitated a more beneficial result. Hence, our sessions continue to be over zoom and whilst we have had many sceptical parents, we have yet to have one client try the first session over zoom and subsequently decide that the rest of the sessions needed to be face-to-face. Saying this, if you are sure the sessions need to be face-to-face we will try out best to accommodate this with a slight additional charge.

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