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At ILS, we are committed to transparent pricing. 


We believe that a better informed market place will lead to more satisfied customers.

Therefore, below, we have clearly stated our prices for our two services, our complete revision package and our subject specific tutoring. 


Most importantly, as we know we will not be the right service for everyone and we truly care about addressing educational disparity for all students, Joel has written a short article recommending some other services at a variety of price points and specifications which is linked here.


The Complete Revision Package

Over the course of one month your teenager will receive:

4 and 3/4 hours of expert 1-2-1 coaching from a relatable individual they like, trust and respect.


Continued support which takes the pressure off you to ensure your teenager is revising effectively.


Strategic resources in the form of videos and notes that will save your teenager significant time, effort and organisation when it comes to their revision.


And our Teenager Satisfaction guarantee. If your teenager does not tell you how good the package has been you will receive all of your money back and an apology for wasting your time.  


The package costs £330 (means tested discounts are available). Payment is due after the first session which provides you with the opportunity to try the first session without committing to the full programme.  An instalment payment plan is also available.

Subject Specific Tutoring

All of our GCSE and A level Tutors offer trial sessions at a reduced rate to ensure we find you the best fit. After you have found your perfect tutor GCSE sessions are charged at £38 an hour and A level sessions are £40 an hour. You are absolutely encouraged to alter the length of a session to suit your changing needs and the prices will adapt accordingly.

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