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For Parents Who Want To Provide Their Teenager With A New And Strategic Way of Revising …

That Actually Works.

Receive a copy of our state-of-the-art Strategic Revision Guide and gain exclusive early access to our upcoming Strategic Maths Course!

So you can cut away the rubbish and set your teenager up with the tools and information they need (AND HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN) to BEAT their GCSEs.



Read the page if you want every single piece of information. 

Or click the ORDER NOW button above to get yours today!.

Imagine if you Could:

  1. Sleep easy knowing your teenager has the support and guidance they need to revise EFFECTIVELY.

  2. Trust that your teenager has the latest and greatest STRATEGIC revision information available - Ensuring they have as much of a chance as every other student.

  3. Be Confident in your own STRATEGIC understanding of the GCSEs so you can calmly support your teenager WITHOUT the worry that you may not be providing them with the ‘right’ advice.

These might sound like overpromises, but they are not. They are skills.

Skills I have been teaching to hundreds of clients over the last 6 years.


And this is how your teenager can do it …

I am Joel Freedman and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of ILS – Independent Learning Strategies.

I have spent the last 6 years submerging myself in everything to do with effective revision.

I grew up feeling completely unintelligent and hopeless having been diagnosed with dyslexia and placed in the bottom sets at school.

Academia made me feel like I was drowning.

And it felt like my only escape was acting out and putting up my defence mechanisms,

All in an effort to show that I ‘Did Not Care’.


How I went from these feelings to completing my masters at LSE and founding this company (ILS - Independent Learning Strategies) is not a triumph against all odds.

It is a process your teenager can replicate.

I did not work harder than all of my peers,

Or have the benefit of lots of expensive tutors.

I learnt how to beat the system.

And your teenager can learn how to beat the system too – WITHOUT ALL THE STRUGGLE & NAGGING!


Most students lack the personalised support and strategic advice necessary to achieve their potential.

They are trying to row up stream,

In a river that’s turning them this way and that,

WITHOUT a paddle.

And just like how you wouldn’t let your teenager go out in the ocean without the right equipment.

The same applies to their GCSEs.

This is why we created ILS – To provide your teenager with the chance they deserve.


We have closely worked with 100s of diverse students who feel unintelligent and hopeless just like I did.

As well as 100s of other students who struggle with motivation, mindset and executing on the day of their exams.

And we have transformed their relationships with education.

This is not an exaggeration.


But don’t just take my word for it …

Gina is sure “My Sons Would Not Have Passed Without ILS”




"ILS took my sons from failing to passing in the most pain free way possible."

Vanessa was delighted to tell us “My Daughters Mindset and Attitude Dramatically Improved After Working with ILS”



“My daughter has been left feeling both confident and able armed with a revision and wellbeing strategy.”

“If you are not sure where to begin, give Independent Learning Strategies a go!”

Amanda said “My Daughter Was So Relieved To Finally Get The Support She Needed”





“My daughter worries before exams and very much wanted assistance in preparing a realistic revision schedule. … From the first session, she felt hugely reassured that she was getting the support and advice that she so wanted.”




But I didn’t have time for everyone …

And whilst I have been writing my newsletter,

And have been speaking to as many people as possible over the phone,

People wanted more and more and more,

And I also wanted to give more because there are 10s of thousands of GCSE students out there who think they are unintelligent and hopeless all because the education system is not built for them.


I Found A Solution For You To Get More Direct Access To Me Without It Costing You An Arm & A Leg:


You see …

The only way to get access to me before I came up with this solution was one of two ways:

1.Get yourself a slot on my Tutoring rotation – I had 2 available slots for the upcoming academic year with hundreds of enquiries.

2. Have someone who knows me recommend you and your teenager to me as a potential revision coaching client.

And neither is an option anymore.

I have already taken on my 2 new tutoring clients and have employed and trained 13 new coaches to completely take over our Revision Coaching.


So if you & your teenager want to learn more directly from me...

Here's The Deal: You Can Get Access to the Strategic Revision Guide Right Now!





And when you buy today …

You will also get added to a list that I believe to be incredibly valuable.

If I am really honest with you …


The Strategic Revision Guide is the mouthwatering appetiser.

The Access to my Exclusive list where I am going to be sending informative emails and answering your personal questions is the hearty main course.

And the Early Access to our Fundamentals of Maths GCSE course is the creamy, sweet dessert.

(Much like a nice raspberry cheesecake which happens to be my favorite).


Understand this: most of the parents and teenagers who I talk to are getting this one thing wrong. Time after Time.

And I want to make sure make sure we are on the same page BEFORE you decide to join my list.


You see…

Most people can’t distinguish between What Really Matters and what really doesn’t when it comes to the GCSEs.

It is perfectly understandable.

Everyone seems to be giving conflicting advice,

Who can you trust?


But misunderstanding What Really Matters too often has dire consequences.



To encourage STRATEGIC and CONSCIOUS use of your teenager’s time on what matters most to them,

So that when they miss out on a grade by 1 or 2 marks,

Which they will,

It is not in the subject that they need for their next stage of life.

Here’s the fun part …

This concept,

Strategically spending time on the important stuff.

Applies to topics within subjects as well.

Not all information is equal – in fact, far from it!

Your teenager does not know which topics in maths or science are statistically worth the most marks.

If your teenager is aiming for a pass or a middling grade in maths or science and struggles with remembering all of the information …

THEY NEED TO KNOW WHICH TOPICS ARE LIKELY TO GET THEM THE MOST MARKS IN THEIR EXAM so they can prioritise which information they revise.

Unfortunately, I can confidently say your teenager has no clue.

This is what The Strategic Revision Guide does – it provides your teenager with the ultra-strategic information they cannot get anywhere else.

Here's How It Works:


We were going to charge £197.99 for our full package.

The Strategic Revision Guide, the email list

As well as,

Free Access to our strategic maths course.


The Maths course isn’t quite ready yet.


So we thought,

Rather than waiting to provide everyone with our package,

Why not let a few parents get ahead of the game.

And in doing so get some customer feedback and reviews.

So we said,

Okay we’ll charge £47.99 for …

Our Strategic Revision Guide, the email list,

And Exclusive Early Access to our Maths Course once it is ready.


But then we said,

Wait a minute.

If we are selling this package early, mainly for the purpose of getting feedback from some quick to act parents,

We should give these parents a discount.


That is why we are giving away The Strategic Revision Guide,

Access to my Personal Email List,

And Exclusive Early Access to our Strategic Maths Course,

For a onetime payment of,

Not £47.99

Or £27.99

But for a one-time payment of


The same price as half a bottle of rosé from M&S




[Please also add the offer running out countdown]

This offer is available until October 15th as we will then be preparing to launch the full course in the coming weeks.



But Look,

To give you peace of mind.

If the contents of our Strategic Revision Guide PDF does not live up to the big claims I have made in this Page.

Its Unique.

Its Shocking.

It will allow your teenager to do better in less time.

Then we will give you 200% of your money back.


Yep, our 200% Guarantee means that if you are not completely satisfied with our Strategic Revision Guide you won’t just get your money back …

You will get £20 sent back to you.

I trust that you will be honest as to whether or not it lives up to our claims.



But before I let you in …

This Is NOT A Good Fit For:


  • For students who are not in years 9-11.


  • For Parents who expect their teenagers to magically get better over night after reading the PDF and are not prepared to read my emails which will explain how to best utilise the information.


  • For Parents who expect the world from me for £9.99. I will do my upmost to respond to all personal questions through the email list and privately where appropriate.​


  • For anyone who expects to learn everything I know through the Strategic Revision Guide and leave. This is a process. And it will take me time to transfer the information from my head to yours.


  • For anyone who expects the maths course to be ready in the next month or two – we will not release it until it is perfect and are aiming for a release date in the first half of the new academic year. 



This Is For You Only If You're Looking For Strategic Tools & Support To Help Your Teenager Revise Effectively For Their GCSEs



For £9.99:


You will find out which topics and sub-topics are most important for GCSE Maths and Science.

Yes, this does apply to all exam boards but is most applicable to AQA and Edexcel.


You will be added to my exclusive email list where I will share my insights on effective revision and answer your personal questions.

Yes, these emails will be regular. No, I am not committing to ‘twice a week’ – They will come out when I have something important to say.


You will gain early access to my biggest project to date once it is perfect – Our Fundamentals of Maths GCSE course will take an ultra-strategic approach in tangibly getting your teenager to at least a pass level.

Yes the people who purchase The Strategic Revision Guide will get access before anyone else. No, it will not be a free course. You can decide how much you think it is worth.


I believe in transparency. What you see is what you get. I just shared with you exactly what you will receive.

So, if you are ready to purchase The Strategic Revision Guide (the appetiser) & Join my Exclusive email list (the main course) …

Here's how you get access right NOW:

  1. Click the ‘Add to Basket’ button below.

  2. Finalise your payment.

  3. Receive an email from me with BOTH your exclusive PDF and your welcome email to my list.





[Add the offer running out timer]






Should I join if my teenager doesn’t want to engage?

This is a question we get asked a lot. In our opinion, it is perfectly natural that so many students do not want to engage in discussions on revision as they have not been adequately supported by the school system. So many students have not been given a fair chance and therefore have put their defence mechanisms up or have simply ‘given up’.

We firmly believe that The Strategic Revision Guide and our exclusive email list is the first step in transforming your teenager’s attitude towards revision.

Should I join if my teenager is a middle ability student?

In a word: Yes. The information provided in The Strategic Revision Guide will allow your teenager to do better in less time - helping them to achieve higher grades by making their revision significantly more effective.

When do I get access to The Strategic Revision Guide?

You'll receive an email with your access to The Strategic Revision Guide.

What should I expect from your emails // What if I am not receiving any emails from you?


Parents on my email list can except practical strategic advice, relatable stories and answers to valuable questions asked by other members.

If you are not receiving any emails please get in touch with us at


What if I paid and didn't get sent The Strategic Revision Guide PDF?

Please contact us at and we'll resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

Do you accept PayPal?

Not at this moment. No.

How do I pay? Is it safe?

We use one of the world's most popular payment providers: Stripe. A safe and secure SSL-encrypted payment gateway.


Here's how you get access right NOW:

  1. Click the ‘Add to Basket’ button below.

  2. Finalise your payment.

  3. Receive an email from me with BOTH your exclusive PDF and your welcome email to my list.




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