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Education Consultancy

Our rolling monthly service that works with your teenager to take control of their education

  • 10 hours
  • Location 1

Service Description

This service is our all access option that is perfect for you if you are looking for strategic tutoring, effective revision coaching and continuing accountability and support (taking the pressure of your and your child's relationship). Through this service you will receive strategic tutoring that gets to the heart of where your teenager is losing marks and importantly keeps you in the loop of their current attainment level. Your teenager will receive weekly subject-specific tuition with their premium coach (who also conducts their revision sessions) as well as an additional weekly session with another one of our best subject-specific tutors. Not only will you receive our complete revision package free with your first months purchase, but you will also receive monthly revision coaching sessions focusing on creating a strategic plan for the month ahead. Importantly, we know there will be speed bumps a long the way. This is why the accountability and support provided by your teenagers premium coach is so crucial. Through their weekly subject specific meetings, your teenager's coach will be able to troubleshoot any issues and revitalise your teenager's motivation. Finally, your teenager will receive all of the strategic resources created by ILS which will save them upwards of 50 hours of revision and organisation. Moreover, you will receive direct and timely access to ILS' founders Joel and Alex Freedman throughout the entirety of your time with us. To find out more email or contact Joel on 07722996683

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