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Our Values

We believe in levelling the playing field. Whether a student is aiming to pass or obtain full marks, very few students are spending their independent learning time effectively. When it comes to revision we promote an approach of quality over quantity, priorisitising focus and empowerment over distraction and despondence. Using our personalised, tried and tested system, we create a unique plan for every student which empowers them with the revision tips, tricks, strategies and confidence to take control and 'beat their exams'.

1-2-1 GCSE Revision Coaching

Understandably, effective learning can be difficult in a class full of students. Furthermore, students are usually not taught how to learn away from the classroom meaning that independent revision is often met with despondence and demotivation. It can be difficult to ensure that each pupil receives the adequate attention, guidance and personalised approach needed to succeed. If that’s the case, involving a private tutor can be extremely helpful.

Independent Learning Strategies offers 1-2-1 GCSE revision tutoring. Our one-on-one sessions will help your child get the best results possible. Whether you are looking to pass or to achieve the highest grades, our revision coaching is here to take your child to the next level.

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Connecting Young Adults to Tutors in Borehamwood and Online

Are you struggling to find the right GCSE or A level tutor? Allow us to connect you with a qualified and relatable tutor to help your child master their exams. Rather than prioritising unrelatable tutors who charge an arm and a leg, we prioritise connection and rapport by matching our students up with capable young adults who have achieved impressive grade(s) in their subject(s) at A Level and often beyond.

Our knowledgeable tutors know that intense pressure to perform well can be extremely stressful. Therefore, we use specialised techniques that help students reach their full potential. From teaching the fundamentals to helping with final revisions, our tutors go above and beyond to meet your specific requirements.

Get in Touch

GCSEs play a crucial role in your child’s future. Whether they’re struggling with a particular subject or need guidance with revision, Independent Learning Strategies in Borehamwood is happy to lend a helping hand. Whether in learning how to revise effectively or improving in a specific subject our highly qualified and experienced tutors and revision coaches personalise tried and tested techniques to your child’s specific needs and circumstances. Contact us today to get started.

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What They’re Saying About Us

I cannot recommend ILS highly enough! Joel and Alex are simply incredible. The revision techniques and study habits they have devised are so clear and easy to follow. My sons feel so supported and championed but also they feel that healthy pressure to be challenged, problem solve, meet deadlines and complete work. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent to utilise the services of ILS. Give them a go! You won’t regret it. Thanks so much ILS and Joel and Alex!!! FIVE STARS!

Gina Murray

I highly recommend ILS for anyone who is considering getting some guidance when it comes to revision for GCSE level. The sessions have been so beneficial for my daughter who has been left feeling both confident and able armed with a revision and wellbeing strategy for her mocks. We will be booking again for the GCSE exams. Alex and Joel offer a package tailored to each individual student no matter what their level and if you are not sure where to begin, give Independent Learning Strategies a go!

Vanessa Chart

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